How does it work?

You may have attended a children’s party where a magician, or a bouncy castle, or an entertainer was hired, but have you ever taken the kids to a Lego party?

Our Lego parties can be tailored to your needs, with any combination of the following options:

General Play:

All set around a series of tables or one large floor space, children have access to over 20kg of Lego (that’s plenty for 20 children) and can build anything they can imagine.

Structured Play:

Children arrive at the party and after initial games, take a seat at the Lego table. Each child is given a basket containing a random selection of parts that have been specially chosen for a task. If it’s Cars, then the basket will be full of wheels, axles, windscreens, doors… If it’s boats, then there will be one boat base and a whole host of goodies to add to the base.

After a set time, we move on to either race the cars or float the boats, and see which builders have been the most creative and innovative…!

We can create a party for you using a combination of General Play and Structured Play, for example giving an hour of each.

If you have an idea for how you’d like your Lego party to run, get in touch, we’ll be happy to discuss the options with you.